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One step closer to a healthier/fresher mouth

Dental hygiene treatments can range from  “scale and polish” to a "deep clean" also known as non surgical gum disease treatment . This is a professional-grade deep clean of your teeth. It leaves your mouth feeling fresh and healthy, and ensures your teeth are free from tartar. This helps prevent gum disease annd some cases loose teeth. 

The dental hygienist will explain the process of gum disease and  highlight problem areas and provide oral health education tailored to your needs as well s provide you with coorect treatment  to stabilise your gum disease

Oral health education is vital for all to ensure maintenance of  your oral health. Dental  hygienist will teach you about good oral health and provide tips for long-term benefits.

It is recommended to see a hygienist regularly for treatment and maintenance of the oral cavity especially the gums 

Hygiene visits: Service
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